Kiralis vision is to enable the development of safer drugs and chemicals, benefiting humankind and our planet. We do it by providing access to any pure enantiomers affordably and timely.


Current methods of enantio-separation are cumbersome, slow, expensive, and require a specific separation system for each substrate, constructed by trial and error. For the pharmaceutical and the chemical industries, easy and efficient production of molecules of a specific chirality is the “Holy Grail”.

We propose a new chiral separation technology that can replace a good portion of the equipment used-in academia, Flavor and Fragrance (F&F), Agritech and Pharmaceutical industries.

Kiralis was founded for developing and  commercializing a technology based on the discovery and successful proof of concept by Prof. Ron Naaman of The Weizmann Institute of Science and Prof. Yossi Paltiel of Hebrew University of Jerusalem that discovered a phenomenon they defined chiral-induced spin selectivity (CISS).

In an article published on Science magazine in May 2018 they demonstrated how the CISS effect could be exploited to separate enantiomers in a racemic mixture by applying a magnetic field.

Because of the CISS effect, electrons with one spin state are more favored to pass through a certain molecular handedness than the opposite molecule. This in turn may lead to spin-spin interactions between the favorable chiral molecule and a magnetic surface. The generic phenomenon is the key to Kiralis novel technology.    

Kiralis is in the process of developing commercial level applications for separating any chiral molecule with only minor modification for each class of racemic mixtures opening the ability to separate any chiral molecule, expecting  a high purity repeatable product.

Targeting racemic mixtures that are not separated currently in the multi billons markets of the Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Herbicides, Flavour and Fragrances.