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About Chirality

Chirality is a geometrical symmetry property of molecules. Most of the important molecules in life are chiral (proteins, DNA etc.) Enantiomers are mirror images of a specific chiral molecule. Like a pair of hands. In plants, animals, and human being the chiral molecules appears only as one specific enantiomer.

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Kiralis is developing various separation capabilities of chiral molecules, both for analytical and high- throughput industrial scales. The technology is based on the interaction of chiral molecules with unique magnetic surfaces and particles engineered patented and developed by Kiralis.

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From Lab to Industry

Current methods of enantio-separation are cumber some, slow, expensive, and require a specific separation system for each substrate, constructed by trial and error. Kiralis offers researchers and industries a new disruptive technology that provide a totally new approach for developing single enantiomer based drugs, pesticides, food additives and more.


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